Grey Power Electricity

When you are a financial member of Grey Power Thames and have an active membership number you become eligible to join Grey Power Electricity, operated by Pulse Energy.  Grey Power Electricity offers Grey Power members savings on electricity and also on gas.

gpelectricity-300x200To check the details:

You can call them on 0800 473 976

Or email them on

Or  online at

To help with the process it is a good idea to have your current Grey Power membership number available when you contact Grey Power Electricity.

Helping Hand

Members of Grey Power Thames are to benefit from the new “Helping Hand” service. The Helping Hand is being coordinated by Grey Power Thames secretary Carolyn Young and it will deal with those little events which occur from time to time.

For example: Who will feed the cat if a person has suddenly to go to hospital?   Who will change the light bulb or the battery in the smoke alarm?

This is where Grey Power Helping Hand can provide a solution. If someone calls we will assess the situation and if we can help we will send two members of our Grey Power Helping Hand team to sort the problem. We have launched Helping Hand to provide a service to Grey Power members by Grey Power members.

Grey Power Helping Hand has been designed to assist with immediate needs and we will then liaise with any other organisations if further help is required.

Contact Carolyn on 07 8686353

Liquid Gold

liquid-gold-fertilizer-e1413109137400-207x300Selling Liquid Gold is the Grey Power Thames way of raising funds.  Liquid Gold is a nursery strength plant food for all indoor plants, seedlings, lawns, flowers, trees, various grasses, shrubs, New Zealand native plants, container plants and vegetables.  Thames Grey Power is able to buy Liquid Gold for $2 and sells it for $4, therefore raising $2 in funding to help run the organisation.  The Liquid Gold sachets make 10 litres of  balanced plant food.  It is a great way for us to raise funds and the sachets make great presents for friends and family.

Liquid Gold is available from Grey Power Thames, particularly at the Grey Power Thames  stall at every second Thames Saturday Street Market during the Spring, Summer and Autumn growing seasons.